Child Health

Our kids are precious too!

Life if busy and we all work too hard which is why when our kids say "my tummies sore" or "I have a headache", parents are quick to dismiss the complaints as whingeing. However the reality is the your kids probably do have a sore tummy, a headache, aches and pains as well as many other things.

It is our job as parents to start listening and helping them. Kids won't often know exactly how to explain or describe accurately how they are feeling so you have to be a bit of a detective.

Common issues amongst children today include:

  • Parasites
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Immune burden
  • Food allergies & intolerance
  • Leaky gut
  • Vitamin & mineral deficiency
  • Overweight / Obesity
  • Mal-nourishment

Remember it is often the overweight/obese children that are the most mal-nourished. As strange as it sounds our bodies will keep looking for nourishment from food. If it isn't getting the nourishment it needs it will keep looking for more which is why often kids and adults a like are overeating and becoming overweight. The issue at hand is what kids are eating or why aren't they absorbing the nutrients they need.  We can help uncover the underlying issues involved.

    Our kids are a by-product of their genetics, environment and diet. Their burdened, sick little bodies lead to behavioral issues, frequent infections and further illness!